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Why Rugg Wellness? 

Patti raised 4 kids while Peter worked all hours as a doctor of emergency medicine so they both know first hand what it’s like to not have the time to create lasting health changes. Together they formed Rugg Wellness, using their extensive combined knowledge to create something even greater than they could each do on their own.

The whole is always worth more than the sum of its parts, at Rugg Wellness you are treated as a whole person ready and able to regain and maintain a vibrant and active life full of vitality through your Golden Years!

Our clients see so many of their generation suffering from chronic diseases,  disabled, and languishing in assisted living or nursing homes. They want more … and rightly so.

Rugg Wellness and our solutions work hard to keep you healthy as you age. Our solutions allow you to stay healthy so you can live a life of travel and adventure enjoying family and friends, or maybe just the ability to still enjoy your home and work in the garden surrounded by love and dignity long into the future.

Rugg Wellness is here to make that future happen.

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What are clients are saying

It is an honor to recommend Peter Rugg and his work. As an authority in health and wellness, Peter has influenced countless individuals. His lectures as a physician enable large groups of people to see how they can benefit from a healthy lifestyle. He is a man of integrity, passion, and dedication. I am not alone in appreciating the contributions Peter has made. He is also very friendly, which is an extra value of a person with Peter’s status. Rosie Bank

Holistic Health Coach, Exec/Corporate Wellness

Patti Rugg has a heart for encouraging people to be proactive about their health, to take important steps to improve their health and to integrate physical, mental, spiritual and fun activities into their daily routines. In the process as a coach, she asks insightful questions, is a compassionate listener and then invites discussion and information that helps a person discover the most appropriate options for themselves. The input Patti provides is based on continual learning from experts in a wide variety of medical and nutritional areas. She is a Certified Integrative Health Coach, an Alumna and Ambassador of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Most important, Patti walks the talk. She and her husband Peter, a specialist in Internal and Emergency Medicine, constantly share healthy recipes. They cycle, hike, laugh heartily, get their sleep and enjoy times with friends and family. Patti is a great role model for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Deanna Waters

Networking Coach, Nutrition Advisor, Author

Dr. Peter Rugg is an outstanding medical professional who truly understands the critical role that nutrition plays in the quality of human life. In addition to his scientific expertise, Dr. Rugg utilizes his strong business leadership skills in his work as Chairperson of the USANA Scientific Advisory Council. USANA is fortunate to have Dr. Rugg among its leaders, and I am proud to count him as a valued business associate. Pete Zdanis

Inaugural Foundation Executive Diamond, USANA

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