Smoothies are an amazing way to make sure you get your daily nutrition requirements all year long, but they’re particularly effective during the Summer months. With fresh produce on hand, increased activity levels and sizzling hot days, smoothies make for a fast and refreshing snack or meal.

"Rugg smoothies with fruit and yogurt"We especially love smoothies as this time of year as a way to replenish lost fluids and they’re ideal for those times when it feels like it’s just too hot to cook.

If you’re new to smoothies, all you need a good blender and a bit of imagination. There’s an endless stream of combinations you can blend up and enjoy!

As you get started, keep in mind that the best smoothies will be made with whole ingredients and not using pre-packaged or processed smoothie kits. Using whole foods will help ensure you get the full nutritional and other benefits of your cool and refreshing smoothie.

Here are some tips for blending up a Summer smoothie you’ll absolutely love:

Stock Your Pantry with Smoothie Essentials

The key to a good smoothie is making sure you have the basics covered and your pantry is well-stocked.

Everyone likes a different combination of ingredients in their smoothies, but here’s a few things to consider as a base for your smoothie:


  • "smoothie with berries"Liquid: Use water, coconut milk or unsweetened almond milk
  • Dairy: If you eat dairy add milk or greek yogurt
  • Boosters: Add seeds such as chia, flax or hemp, raw coconut or avocado
  • Sweeteners: Raw dates or honey can add a little extra sweetness

Use Fresh Summer Produce That’s In Season

As you hit the farmer’s market or local roadside stand, be on the look out for fresh produce you can add to your smoothies. Fruits like cherries, raspberries, peaches or melon can be a great change of pace from more typical smoothie options such as strawberries or bananas.

If you love a certain fruit, give it a try in your next smoothie and play with some different combinations.

Don’t Forget Your Greens


"Green smoothie with apples parsley and spinach"Greens are also in plentiful supply during the Summer months, so it’s the perfect time to add fresh spinach, swiss chard, kale or even parsley. Before you add your greens make sure they’re thoroughly washed and chop them so they blend well.

If you’re not sure that smoothies are for you, consider the health benefits. If you’re trying to lose some weight, the right smoothie as part of your daily regime can help you shed extra pounds. Or if you’re focused on making sure you’re consuming your fruits and vegetables, this is a good way to consume them every single day.

Adding smoothies to your day can help support your healthy lifestyle goals including: detoxing, having more energy and even improving your digestion.

"fresh vivid smoothie from Rugg wellness"Give some Summer smoothies a try and you may be surprised at how satisfying and delicious they truly can be.

If you want to learn more about adding smoothies to your day-to-day, join us for the free 7 Day Smoothie Challenge.  You will learn the benefits of having smoothies whether as a snack or to replace a summer meal.  This can become your first step on the road to a healthier and happier lifestyle.  So sign up and enjoy our delicious smoothie recipes.  You have nothing to lose and a healthier life to gain.




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