If you lead an active lifestyle or spend any time outdoors, Summer can be hard on your skin. From sun damage to bug bites there’s no shortage of ways that Summer takes it toll.

The good news is that the right skin care regime now can help prevent long-term damage. You just need to take action with a daily and weekly routine that keeps you fresh and fabulous.

Check out our list of 5 summer skincare recommendations:

Daily, Plant-Based Cleansing"young woman washing face"

Sweat, sun and all that Summer fun can wreak havoc on your pores leading to imperfections and impurities. When it comes time to cleanse your skin, you want to ensure you’re not cleansing too aggressively. Harsh cleansing can strip away oils and dry out your skin. For best results use a plant-based cleanser to deeply cleanse, hydrate the skin and revive your complexion.

Our recommendation: Gentle Daily Cleaner




"face cream"Give Your Hands Some Extra TLC

From working in the garden to simple sun exposure, your hands need a little extra TLC during the Summer to replenish and revitalize the skin. Use an intensive moisture treatment to counteract the environment using ingredients such as aloe or soy to renew suppleness.

Our recommendation: Intensive Hand Treatment


Buff and Polish

Everyone’s skin often needs a helping hand to remove impurities and dead skin cells. Regular exfoliation will leave you feeling fresher and younger. When exfoliating take special care to not overdo it and damage your skin. With exfoliants look for natural emollients and natural fruit enzymes to help make your skin radiant.

Our Recommendation: Rice Bran Polisher


Protect Your Eyes "woman covering eye with cucumber"

Sure you can wear sunglasses, but Summer can have the undesired effect of aging skin, especially around your eyes. Consistent and targeted care for this area is an absolute must to help soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Products with botanicals are ideal for use around the eyes as they help brighten the eye area and can leave you looking younger and refreshed.

Our Recommendation: Eye Nourisher




Practice Daily Sun Care

"applying sunscreen in sunshine"It’s easy to forget to apply sunscreen as you go about your day and then you suddenly find yourself with an uncomfortable burn. To avoid this unpleasant surprise, use a daily moisturizer with SPF so you’re prepared for a bit of sun exposure all the time. Look for a product that is lightweight and non-greasy to defend your skin against the sun and other environmental damage.

Our Recommendation: Daytime Protective Emulsion

Enjoying the Summer doesn’t mean you need to damage your skin, an ounce of prevention with the right products will help you keep your skin refreshed and looking great for many, many years to come.

Want to learn more? Check out our skincare checklist that provides even more information on how to keep your skin in the best condition possible; just click here to download your free guide.

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